Caleb Miller

Earth Rover

PB1.3, also known as Earth Rover, is an iteration of a 3D printer system that can hold and manipulate a computer mouse, created with Amy Carlson and Duncan Rutstein. The design implements custom firmware and 3D-printed hardware.

The core function is a script in Grasshopper that, when started, allows it to execute itself again by clicking its own "start" button, in a cyclic loop that would normally be difficult to accomplish due to limitations in mainstream 3D printer firmware.

To demonstrate this capability, we set it to the task of wandering on Google Earth, forever sentenced to scroll aimlessly over the sattelite landscape.

Essential in this project was a Grasshopper plug-in created by Allan Grover and Ryan Hoover. Without their plug-in, there would be no way to communicate with the printer live from the script environment.

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